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We Want You

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Are you creative and want to let the whole world know it? If you a have a blog or website that has a similar feel to Neu Black and want to let us know who you are, post a comment with your URL and shout your lovely little name out to the rest of the world.

15 Responses to “We Want You”

  1. Paula Rizzo Says:

    Our website is in Portuguese but I guess readers will like.

    ; )

  2. The Episodic Nature of Thought Says:

    Graphic design webisodes.

  3. GREATLINKS: art+design Says:

    a site to share design resources.

  4. Federico Selmi Says:

    My Personaly Portfolio


  5. Scott Orchard Says:

    This is my personal design portfolio and journal.

  6. Eric Fitzgerald Says:

    My personal folio site, with web, illustration, print, branding, iconography, and paintings.

  7. Gaspard Giroud Says:

    Giroud Pichot

  8. Jeremy S Says:

    Fun to be had by all!

  9. Siouxfire/Michael Says:

    Not identical, an art blog. Maybe the same tone.

  10. caput58 Says:


  11. iancu Says:

    Blog about creative stuff…

  12. MANYSTUFF Says:

    Art, graphic design, illustration, photography… artists and their link. Daily Updates!

  13. Marcin Kuligowski Says:

    I draw stuff.

  14. EH Says:

    Non-buyer’s remorse

  15. Dragos Says:

    advertising branding design fun gadgets illustration lifestyle music naming news packaging photography publications resources typography – these are all my interests and the kind of things I write about on LAUNCH BLOG.

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