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03.19.08   |   Posted in: Uncategorized   |   By: Neu Black


Are you in the know before everyone else? Do all your friends ask you what you’re wearing, where your going, and who your listening to? Do you love being at the center of who’s hot and what’s next?
If so, Neu Black is looking for contributors like you to help us find what everyone else is looking for. If you’ve got the chops we can get you access in all the right doors and to all the right people. Want to get in to South by South West, LA Fashion week, and all of your favorite local shows? We did and so can you, if you’ve got what it takes.


If you’d like to be a contributor, please send us a sample post or two and a (very) brief message about what you have to offer and the kind of material you’d like to cover (art, music, fashion, etc). You can send your samples to


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