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YouTube XL- Great idea with awful execution

06.4.09   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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Dear YouTube,

We love your site as much as everyone else and you’ve finally answered a nagging question- how long until we can watch YouTube videos on our TV? We got a glimpse of YouTube XL and well, this is like hanging out with a girl you love talking to and would totally kick it with, but you just don’t find attractive. You know that smart funny girl you would totally be into if she just lost 30lbs and got a new wardrobe? Sorry YouTube, but that’s your new product.
We know this is harsh, but we’re only disappointed because this product has so much potential. We say this because watching YouTube videos on TV isn’t a possibility as much as it’s an inevitability. The iPhone app is awesome, now we just want the same level of quality for television.
But this? Seriously? What happened here? We know you have enough cash to hire a few ex Apple interface designers. We know there are plenty of good interactive design shops in the bay area (can someone get Cuban Council on the phone?), so we don’t really understand why this looks like something straight out of Microsoft Front Page.
Listen YouTube, we know you’re only a few years old and things like branding and interface design are still a little new and scary. But you’re the worlds biggest video site owned by the billion dollar company that basically pwns the internet. You have what’s probably the best product idea since television was invented. It’s time to step up and look the part. Were just sayin.



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