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SolarRolls by Brunton

06.12.09   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Even if you’re not environmentally conscious, you can’t help but be impressed by these portable, rollable, solar panels by Brunton. They’re rugged, waterproof and perfect for everything from sea kayaking to going deep into the jungle. A must have for any satellite phone. Offered in a variety of sizes/power outputs. You can pick them up here for about $300-$650 depending on model. They can even link together for more output.

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  1. rektide Says:

    if you are going to spend a fortune on portable solar, spring for SunLinq/Brunton’s beastly-durable fold up solutions. the $350 you would’ve spent on Brunton’s rollable solution will net you six times the power output (4w v. 25w).

  2. Vivora Says:

    Superior thinking detmasornted above. Thanks!

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