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Ronn Scorpion

06.26.08   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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Austin based exotic car company, Ronn Motor Company Inc. has just announced their first eco-friendly performance car, the Scorpion. This elusive design will be turning heads with its curvy, hand built poly carbon fiber body which houses the latest Acura V-Tech, V-6, 3.5 Liter, Type S Engine, code for really darn fast.

The Scorpion will run on a 30 to 40 ratio blend of gas and hydrogen, promising around 40 mpg efficiency while still being able to hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and capable of producing 450 horsepower with the twin-turbo option. Not so different from its electric cousin, the Tesla Roadster, a lithium-ion battery charged wonder that can accelerate from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds.

There are two kinds of Hydrogen Hybrid automobiles, a fuel cell vehicle and Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines or HICE. Fuel cell vehicles are electric cars that when hydrogen is pumped like gas, it feeds into the fuel cell where it is then converted into electricity with no combustion, no moving parts and no emissions other than water vapor. A HICE vehicle a vehicle that will burn a combination of hydrogen and gasoline and release no CO2 emissions, exactly what the Scorpion will be.

In the meantime, make your check out for $50,000 U.S. Dollars, a fully refundable deposit that will hold your place in line (complete price tag of $150,000). The first year production of this baby is limited to 200 automobiles and is scheduled to begin in the last quarter of 2008.

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  1. The Daily Times Says:

    An interesting view of the automotive industry. Where do you see the future of the industry, will it ever recover or will there be major casulties?

  2. The Daily Times Says:

    Hello, i’ve been browsing around your site and it looks really really neat. I’m building an automotive home page and struggling to make it look good, everytime I touch something I mess it up. How hard was it to build your site? Could someone like me with no experience do it, and add update pages without wrecking it every time?

  3. Lavon Grebel Says:

    I’m not sure If I am Posting this in the correct area . Although, I was trying to figure out have any of you guys used this company? I just want to compile some more info before I give them a call. It seems there name is Interstate Auto Buyers, 16644 W Bernardo Dr #452 San Diego, CA 92127 – (619) 780-2223

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