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Moof Cycle Designed by Sjoerd Smit for Areaware

04.28.09   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Classic details meet minimal styling in this bike by Areaware. Designed in bicycle friendly Amsterdam, where else? Powder-coated aluminum makes the bike as beautiful up close as from afar. My only regret is that a warm material with brown tones in the petals would have balanced out the leather in the seat and handles nicely. Accommodates heights range: 5’10″ – 6’6″ (179cm – 200cm). Pre-order it here for $600.


2 Responses to “Moof Cycle Designed by Sjoerd Smit for Areaware”

  1. Ian Says:

    Where’s the solar collector for the led headlight?

  2. Sander Meijers Says:

    It’s integrated in the head- and in the backlight.

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