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Microsoft Announces the Zune

09.20.06   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Microsoft ZuneMicrosoft just announced their entry into the portable entertainment market with the Zune. Sceptical of any attempt to compete with the iPod, we were impressed. Not only do the players look good, at least in white and black versions, but they feature wireless connnectivity, 30GB of storage, and an FM tuner. The best thing about the Zune is the ability to share music, video, and pictures wirelessly with other Zune users. Copyrighted music can be listened to three times before you need to buy it, unless you have a Zune pass, which allows unlimited access to music for a flat fee. How Microsoft can prevent rampant piracy with these devices remains to be seen.

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  1. Candie Wooddell Says:

    I love my ipod. I got it as soon as possible and do not regret it at all. Its so easy to use and the software is great. I use it virtually every hour.

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