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Mercedes European Delivery

11.10.06   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Toshi Jones
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mercedes-european-delivery.jpgHow much would it cost to fly to Germany pick up a custom Mercedes–Benz at the Sindelfingen factory, stay one night in the Swiss Alps, and drive the car to Paris to be shipped home? Answer: About 7% less than US sticker price. Mercedes European Delivery program offers two packages, the base of which includes one night’s lodging at your choice of luxury hotel, and complimentary meal. The deluxe package adds $1,300 USD, four additional nights at three luxury hotels, and an exciting self-guided “rally” that takes you from their factory into the Black Forest, to the Austrian Alps, and finally to any of 12 European drop off locations. Drop off locations include Munich, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Zurich among others. BMW and Saab offer comparable packages. Saab will even add a $2,000 stipend to cover your travel expenses. Who knew jet set could be so cost effective?

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