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Men’s Leather De Gualle Laptop Bag

01.29.09   |   Posted in: Fashion, Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Let’s say you have two grand to spend on a computer. You could shoot the whole wad on a macbook pro or you could do the responsible thing and buy a thousand dollar 14″ macbook and this bag (made to hold a 14″ laptop – that’s fate my friends). Laptops may depreciate, but everyone appreciates Italian leather bags. Black leather with silver hardware. Made in Italy. You can order it here.


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  1. Rajaash Says:


  2. notebook computer bags Says:

    Since you mentioned Men’s Leather De Gualle Laptop Bag | Neu Black, Whoever stated that laptop bags must be boring and mundane clearly did not know what was in store in the future. Today, the only thing geeky about a laptop bag is the fact that it’s called one! Apart from this, laptop bags have come a long way from being mere coffin-like cases to carry your laptops to trendy storage spaces for your laptop as well as other knick knacks and accessories that go with it. Today, laptop are much more appealing to the eye than they have ever been in the past.

  3. All man bag Tony Says:

    My favorite is the Leather Messenger Bag. Black leather Features interior organizers, along with two zippered pockets. I can hold my laptop, they don’t call it a man bag for nothing LOL.


  4. Netbook James Says:

    Howdy, just reading through some old posts and I really do like this one. Sorry I’m so late =0)

  5. mohammad Says:

    i want to know the cost…….as i want to buy it ……INDIA

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