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02.9.09   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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Kongregate may not neccisarily be the inevtiable next thing in video games, but there’s certainly a chance that it could. If the trend in social networking is meet and talk to people for a specific purpose (think Linked In as opposed to Face Book), this seems like a slam dunk for gamers.
Kongregate’s games are all 2-D flash or java script based games, so they’re not going to take out your X-Box anytime soon, but Kongregate does have a few distinct advantages. The most obvious is that unlike traditional gaming systems, are no consoles, controllers, or peripherials to buy, and all the games are free. There’s also no subscription fee to play with other people online (we’re looking at you X-Box Live) and you can play with anyone connected to the internet. We also wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being a mobile gaming platform for your phone a few years from now. It would make sense if you could get one app with a ton of games rather than a bunch of separate individual ones.
As you’d expect from a social network, players can create profiles with their info, scores, and game stats. You can also shout out and/or trash talk your friends to your hearts content, and what fun is an MMPOG if you cant pwn! your buddies every now and again. Just remember not get caught doing it at work.

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