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04.30.08   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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Getting paid to jet set? JetBlue has come up with a totally new jet ownership program called JetSuite. Now you can enjoy the luxury, convenience, and satisfaction of owning a private jet minus the liability, regulatory risks, and operational hassles. If you sign up, you will receive a brand new BMW designed Embraer Phenom 100 Jet. You can fly in style with a number of set hours to use each year and additional hours are always available for purchase.

We could get used to this kind of transportation, a jet that is always on call, well maintained, with hangar, & pilot included? Sounds like our kind of life. When your not using your private plane, JetSuite will keep it garaged and polished for you. The cost is offset by JetSuite charting your plane out while your not using it, and its even possible to generate positive cash flow this way. Best of all, you will be eligible for the full tax advantage of accelerated depreciation on the plane itself.

Already have a jet, but want to join? No problem, placing your aircraft into the JetSuite fleet is hassle free and at no additional cost to you. The program sounds pretty tempting. We might just have to pick ourselves up a new jet.

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    Genuinely intriguing. Keep these topic pouring in.

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