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Jenga Pistol by Matthias Wandel

04.22.09   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Take the already destructive game of Jenga, then add a catapult powered gun and wooden projectiles for good measure. We love it. If watching this video inspires you to level a tower of your own, you can order the Jenga Pistol, aka the Kajingu Pistol, Matthias Wandel’s woodworking site (or read instructions on how to build your own). It runs $28 plus shipping.
-Via Dustbowl

4 Responses to “Jenga Pistol by Matthias Wandel”

  1. anon Says:


  2. ajmortys Says:

    This is full of WIN!

  3. gratis geld Says:

    Haha, funny! Good for me, I always want to win (duh).

  4. WoodWorker Says:

    Very simple but clever design, thanks for sharing it.

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