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Google announces Chrome Operating System and spells out the end of Microsoft.

07.8.09   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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Every once in a while we drop one of those “this is going to change everything” posts, but THIS is the mother of all of them. Google has officially announced it’s going head to head with Windows for OS dominance with the Chrome Operating System.
Google proves they clearly get what Microsoft does not- that from this point on all software applications should be web based. Granted, if you’re using Photoshop or Final Cut you’re still going to have to stick to your desktop for another decade of so. But if you’re old enough to remember how slow early versions of illustrator or quark ran in 1995, you can be pretty confident that in the future that video editing could happen in a browser.
In case you haven’t heard anyone say it before, the point of the internet is information sharing. That’s true whether you want to show your ideas to the world, or just work on them from various locations. Once your files and software are stored online, you can choose between viewing them on a mobile device (small easily portable format), computer (medium bulky format), or Television (large stationary format).
Just a side note, if you’re an artist and wondering how this affects your work, this is as big as the shift from film photography to digital. As almost any creative person can tell you, when the tools change, so does the art. We think this should open the door to some very interesting new ideas.

4 Responses to “Google announces Chrome Operating System and spells out the end of Microsoft.”

  1. Soilent Michi Says:

    I think it is time for changes specially for artists like us.

  2. Neu Black Says:

    This isn’t exactly going to change everything overnight. But it’s definitely a start.

  3. John Says:

    Sorry, but the Chrome Operating System will be a gigantic flop. There is no dearth of alternatives to Windows. They’re all the various Linux manifestations. Also, have you forgotten the Mac? I have a cable connection and sometimes the internet is incredibly slow. I can customize my machine just as I like it. Disk drives and flash memory are very cheap. Also note that once you put your stuff, text or images, on servers or other machines on the internet, they are up for grabs.
    I quote Nicole Wong, Associate General Counsel for Google regarding the DoJ’s request for google user information, “… Judge James Ware also required the government to limit its demand for URLs to 50,000. We will fully comply with the judge’s order.” (!) Not only can hackers or disgruntled Google employees or their contractors have access to your personal stuff, so can the government! I like Google, but this is a bad path for them. And are you all naive enough to believe you won’t eventually start paying a user fee for this?

  4. Kellis Says:

    Between security on googles servers and security on my laptop, I’d bet on Google. As far as them looking through your personal stuff, if Google wants to violate my privacy they have plenty to sue for, so have at it. If the government wants to gather information on you, I’d be more concerned about bank statements than email. It’s too bad they can’t do more to catch people who actually are doing shady stuff.

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