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Desk Phone Dock for iPhone

04.13.10   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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A few years ago we decide to ditch our landline phone and went cell only. While we’re not going back to landlines anytime soon, we’ve come to realize that they did have a few very nice features.
Hence we were excited when we saw the Desk Phone Dock for iPhone. Aside from the fact that this is a slick looking desk accessory, we realized long ago that an old school phone receiver is much more comfortable to hold to your ear. While an iPhone fits in your pocket much better that a landline phone, they are very quiet, and we often find ourselves nearly shouting to be heard.
While we’re not ready to get our old Cisco office phone back quite yet, we do miss being able to whisper into a receiver when necessary or put call on a speaker phone that’s loud enough to be heard clearly. We’re actually a little surprised no one thought of this sooner, and hopefully the design of the iphone wont drastically change to render this useless when the next model is released.

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