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Color Changing Paint

11.13.07   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones

Choosing a color of a car is a difficult process. First you are limited to a handful of options. Then you inevitably make the safe decision and go with a color you can live with. Imagine if you could change the color of your car with the push of a button – whenever and as often as you want.

Nissan has figured out a way to do this with its cars. A polymer of ‘paramagnetic’ iron oxide is sits beneath the paint. Applying electric current affects the light reflection of oxide’s crystals, changing their color. Look for it in commercial applications as early as 2010.

While changing colors periodically is nice, it would be more interesting to constantly shift the color either through waves or flashes. This technology opens the door to having all products change color. Perhaps someday color palettes will be downloaded, saved and rippled through our homes just as easily. -Via World Car Fans

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