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Canon PowerShot G9

07.20.08   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Canon has always been a solid choice for digital photography. Among their offerings, the ultra-portable Digital Elph is fantastic, while their SLRs provide more control and quality. Anything between the two has traditionally been a no man’s land. The PowerShot G9, however, is a head turning option.

It’s larger than the Elph so you can’t toss it in your pocket, but it’s one of the most professional portables you’ll find. First, it can shoot files in RAW format, which is the clear choice for quality. If you like, it can be switched to fully manual for total control. Preview and review photos on its 3″ LCD display. It also has some video recording capabilities (similar to the Elph).


Two lenses made by canon can be attached to the front, one is a telephoto and the other is a 28mm wide-angle. An optional waterproof enclosure can also be picked up allowing underwater photography up to 130 feet deep. The camera runs just under $500 street.

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