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Braun Travel Alarm Clock by Dieter Rams

01.21.09   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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It’s official, analog clocks are better than digital and when a clock face is this well done, you know you have something special. Details such as the slight graying back of the numbers ensure that the hour arms are an easy read. And if you’ve ever held or packed one of these, you know it’s the perfect size for travel. Quartz controlled battery alarm clock. Operates on a single battery. 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 1″. Order here for 38.

7 Responses to “Braun Travel Alarm Clock by Dieter Rams”

  1. yvonne Says:

    I would like to purchase this clock. I see that it is sold out. Do you expect to get more or do you have any others with the same qualities?
    Even if you don’t could you please respond by simply sending an empty “reply” message so I know you received this?


  2. michael leonard Says:

    please notify me when you have one unit to send.

    thank you

  3. somebodii Says:

    i have it it is really good

  4. Albert Chapman Says:

    this i need.

  5. charles bickle Says:

    I have two Braun travel alarm clocks (Type 4763/AB30vs and Type 4847/AB30) with what I believe to be radium on the clock hands. Do either of these clocks present any harm from radium?

  6. Valerie Hink Says:

    I have owned four of these alarm clocks in black (bought three at something like $5 each after the first fell and one of the hands broke off) and would happily buy five more if/when they become available again. They are beautifully designed and perform their one function perfectly – truly an icon of modern design. I am totally frustrated by digital alarm clocks that are so overloaded with features that one needs an instruction manual to set the alarm!

  7. world clock Says:

    Braun Travel Alarm Clock by Dieter Rams | Neu Black – just great!

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