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Bicycle Kitchen

01.8.09   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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If there was a “Car Kitchen”, a “Finance Kitchen”, and a “Girlfriend Kitchen”, 90% of my issues would be solved. I came in to the Bicycle Kitchen with an awesome Chinese road bike covered in dirt I picked up from a friend who left it sitting in the back yard under a tarp.
I told the guy at the counter I’d never been in before and since I have zero experience working on bikes I asked, “So what’s the deal here?” He showed me how to put my bike on the rack, took a look at it and told me the wheel wasn’t straight. He showed me how to true the wheel (my new slang for the week, it means straightening the wheel, like you didn’t know, sheesh), then how to adjust the brakes. After we re-greased and packed the bearings, he told me I could get the rust off the rims with a little steel wool which worked like a charm.
All of this would have sounded like rocket science before I came here, but once I had someone friendly who knew what they were doing to show me what was what, it took less than an hour. They had all the equipment, taught me how to use it, and asked for a whopping $7 donation in return. I can see why this non-profit co-op is becoming the mecca for DIY bike set. If you’re looking for help, new friends to ride with, or even to make yourself something custom, the Bicycle Kitchen is exactly what you’re looking for.

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  1. Ian Says:

    This place is great! in addition to being fixie central, They also help the kids in the neighborhood who would otherwise not be able to own a bike get set up with one. Their specialty is resurrecting junkers & teaching people the anatomy of a bicycle. Good peeps, very cool place. If you have an old bike you don’t want, donate it to them instead of throwing it away.

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