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3G iPhone

05.25.08   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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After nearly a year since the original debuted, Apple is rumored to soon be releasing its new version of the iPhone. As with most of it’s products, Apple is keeping those details tightly under wraps, but many are pointing to somewhere between June 9th -19th. No word yet on whether its appearance will be the same but it will support 3G. Other rumors include built-in GPS, more memory (potentially up to 32GB), and support for stereo Bluetooth headsets. Those in the know are saying that the 3G iPhone will probably come in either an 8GB model for $399 and a 16GB one for $499. Perhaps even a third 32GB model for $599. A small rumor according to Fortune, was that AT&T might shave off $200, which could make the 8GB model as cheap as $199.

For those of you who just bought an iPhone can still enjoy the new firmware version 2.0 which includes the new application store (chock-full of applications by third party developers), support for Microsoft Exchange servers and a variety of security features.

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