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Sanghon Kim

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French Illustrator and Graphic Designer Sanghon Kim has taken his unique style and applied it to the moving world. Check out his directorial debut for French band The Bewitched Hands.
Sanghon Kim for French Music Festival Calvi on the Rocks

Flairs – Better than Prince

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REM’s Supernatural Superserious Interactive Video

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REM’s Supernatural Superserious interactive video, directed by Vincent Moon, offers an unusual way to experience the song. Up to twelve different videos can be played and when viewed at once it creates a moving mosaic effect.


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Pleix is a group of digital artists based in Paris, France. The group consists of both graphic artists and musicians, who create surreal, post-modern imagery. They are best known for the music videos they’ve created for Vitalic, Basement Jaxx and Plaid.

We’re pretty sure that anyone who uses dogs and lasers in the same video qualifies as a creative genius.