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No Street Art for Brooklyn

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While there will be no shortage of graffiti in Brooklyn next Spring. However, it will not be housed in the Brooklyn Museum. Art in the Streets, which is currently on exhibit here in Los Angeles at MOCA was slated to travel to New York in February 2012. Brooklyn Museum Director Arnold L. Lehman noted in a statement yesterday “It is with regret … that the cancellation became necessary due to the current financial climate…” Many speculate fear of an increase in street graffiti as a more pressing concern. Museum officials are not denying these claims and news media have linked up a supposed increase in graffiti here in LA to the opening of the show at MOCA.

LAPD and LA County Sheriff’s department have made statements indicating that the immediate area surrounding MOCA has seen an increase in graffiti since the opening of Art in the Streets. Neu Black did a brief survey of the area and Little Tokyo is pretty graffiti free. That is aside from the work directly on the MOCA building, a set of JR eyes and before it was censored by MOCA, a full wall of coffins by Italian street artist Blu (below.)

It is possible LAPD might be referring to the surge in privately commissioned street art murals popping up around downtown. Which they can do nothing about. If there is anything the MOCA show can take credit for, it is bringing street art to greater prominence and providing an increased understanding of this emerging genre.

Australian Artist Kid Zoom

Dabs & Myla with Craola

Parisian Street Artist JR takes Ted Prize

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Rife with social commentary, the work of Parisian street artist JR has captivated many and has earned him the distinction of this years Ted Prize. On top of the cash prize of $100,000 US, he’ll be supported by the Ted community in fulfilling “One Wish to Change the World,” to be announced in the coming months.

Ted described the motivation behind selecting JR, ” [He] exhibits his photographs in the biggest art gallery on the planet. His work is presented freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not museum visitors. His work mixes Art and Action; it talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit.”

Almost blind to the the vulnerabilities of the poor and disadvantaged, JR’s work exposes the very real and personal connection people have within their communities. He has said the people are his curators and the streets his exhibition hall. An exhibit of his most recent work (below) opens tomorrow October 23rd at the Shanghai Art Museum for the biennial and Sunday 24 October 2010 at Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai.

We are thrilled to see JR recognized on the worlds stage and anxiously await the anouncement of his TED wish.

Jr: Photographer, Street Artist, and Renegade

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Jr: Photographer, Street Artist, and Renegade
Using compelling photography as a base Parisian artist JR takes street art to activist levels. His most interesting project Face 2 Face, pairs photos of Palestinian and Israeli citizens in direct proximity. These images are printed on a grand scale and pasted across eight Palestinian and Israeli cities as well as prominently on the partition wall dividing the two territories. Read the rest of this entry »