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Apple Tablet Demo Video

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While this is definitley not an official Apple video, someone at Sports Illustrated has been getting ideas. Rumor has it (at the Wall Street Journal) that SI was asked to do a conceptual presentation of their magazine in digital format for the still not officially announced (though seemingly inevitable) Apple Tablet. While we doubt the actual SI product would ever be this slick, just the fact that this is in color puts the Kindle to shame.

Apple Net Tablet

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There’s a lot of speculation going around, but all signs point to the reality of an Apple Tablet being released, possibly in time for Christmas. This is essentially a large format ipod touch with wireless internet access. This idea is largely considered to be apples next huge sea changing idea and for good reason.


Building on the tremendous success of iphone applications, a tablet would provide a larger format app developers to work with. This could be used to display anything from a browser, keyboard, photo gallery, to a video screen that could display HD video.


We’re guessing this would probably be about as big as a small- medium sized laptop, maybe 13-15 inches. Apple is speculated to release this for about $800 subsidized by a multi year internet access contract, rumored to be partnered with Verizon.

Thanks to PC World, Mashable, and TBI.

The iPhone 4G?

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Your guess is as good as ours as to the legitimacy of this image, but it’s obviously getting some buzz. We found this on Doshdosh, but they make no mention of where they got it. As they mention, until Apple confirms this is real (highly unlikely) take it with a grain of salt.
Our guess is that this is an outsiders best guess as to what the next iPhone might look like. But that said, this may turn out to be a pretty good guess.

Tengu USB Toy

10.28.08   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Tengu is a USB-powered character that responds to sounds by lighting up and making different expressions as it lip-syncs to music, your voice, or other sounds. Tengu’s expressions can be matched to music, and changed by blowing on it. You can get it here for $50.

Milan Design Week 2008: Fujitsu Cedar PC Notebook

04.30.08   |   Posted in: Tech   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Fujitsu Cedar PC Notebook
As a member of the Japan Design Innovation exhibit at Milan Design week 2008, Fujitsu Design Corp. has introduced their Cedar encased PC Notebook. In deviating from traditional petrol based materials Fujitsu has adopted what they are calling “Human Centered Design.” Design that is not only easy to use but easy on the earth as well, and technology that can be utilized comfortably in an IT rich society.

ccPhone by Tobias Wong

11.1.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Leave it to Tobias Wong to come up with this. His new ccPhone is constructed from an iPhone which is given an elusive matte black surface. Content added to the phone includes screen artwork, video, music and CITIZEN:Citizen’s address book in v-card format, to be updated semi-annually. The you can pick it up here for $2000.


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iphone_2.jpgiphone_4.jpg Steve Jobs finally gave a sneak peak at the iPhone at Mac World Expo today. History seems to be repeating itself as Apple reinvents the hand held wireless device in much the same way it did personal computing by leveraging it’s Graphic User Interface. In fact the name iPhone is almost misleading because the phone is the least exciting thing about it.

The most dramatic change is that the user interface on the iPhone is touch screen operated, allowing Apple to design custom interfaces that can change fluidly with each application. You can synch iTunes of course, as well as Apple Mail, iCal, iPhoto, The iPhone also includes all the features standard in the latest iPods (music and video downloads, games) but has a bigger screen. It also has a 2 megapixel camera. If you’re one of those people that has a cell phone, and iPod, and a PDA, the iPhone combines the functionality of all of these into a package which is supposedly slightly larger yet slimmer than a video iPod.

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait. The iPhone is not scheduled to be released until June and it’s only going to work with Cingular. For more detailed info about the release check out our friends at Engadget.

Archos 604 Media Player/Recorder with Wi-Fi

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archos_604_wifi-gadget.jpg Chances are that between your professional and social life you don’t have much time to enjoy your favorite movies or television programs. Leave it to technology to answer your dilemma. The Archos 604 Portable Media Player with Wi-Fi is a device that fits in your pocket and will hold 120 hours of movies or shows. Connect to your PC wirelessly and copy files or play video directly over the network. The optional DVR station turns your handheld device into a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to record your shows directly from your TV or other source. Better yet, surf the internet wirelessly using its touchscreen. It also stores music and photos. You can find it here for $405.