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Taschen’s Dirty Thirty

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Taschen 2010
Designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, the Taschen booth for the 2010 Frankfurt Book Fair celebrates 30 years in business. As the book purveyor of the worlds collections, cult interests, and artistic expression Taschen continues to transcend the medium with this innovative display. Inspired by the roof design of the new Centre Pompidou-Metz, Shigeru Ban reinforces his reputation as the “paper architect.”

Eagle Rock Music Festival: Saturday 10.02.10

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Should be fun. Free ($5 donation optional). Most exciting of all… Flying Lotus is set to hit the stage at 10:20 PM.

Danger Chris Robinson

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Phoenix at the Holywood Bowl September 18, 2010
In a recent Wall Street Journal article The Black Crows and Wilco spoke candidly about their decisions to strictly prohibit the use of photo and video cameras at their live shows. We were shocked when Chris Robinson was quoted in the article stating, “As a band we’ve been trying to string together these moments, the kind of moments I’ve had as a music fan that have blown my mind. That’s not happening when you’re texting or checking your f—ing fantasy league stats.”

Disengaged fans are a separate issue. There is no doubt that Robinson is aware that fans who record his image infringe on his intellectual property rights with out licensing or paying for them. Long gone are the days when artists can strictly control the use of their likeness and profit from licensing it. Bands like The Black Crows continue to stifle their marketing abilities by holding on to archaic views the music industry and will struggle remain relevant while artists who engage their fans are embraced. Fans demand more of an artist, they will no longer be nickel and dimed by merchandising and CD sales. They take control of the fan experience by making a conscious decision to support artists by attending shows and sharing that experience driving music to new audiences.

Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy expressed his sentiments toward fan the videos by saying “My sense of indignation was really roused quite a few nights.” Even though Tweedy seems upset, Wilco takes a slightly more lax approach to enforcement by refraining from invasive frisks and searches and simply requesting that fans not shoot video. Still their public distaste for the very devices that are key to Wilco’s marketing success, amounts to clear fan abandonment. Cameras and phones could be deteriorating the concert going experience, but prohibition of these key cultural components could be career suicide.

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Adobe plentopic lenses change the game for photographers

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Every once in a while we see something exceptionally cool and this definitely goes in that category. Adobe has developed a new type of camera lens that allows you to focus (or unfocus) various parts of your photograph in post production.
As anyone knows who’s tried to sharpen a blurry photograph in Photoshop, it’s a nearly impossible feat. But this Adobe’s new Plentopic lenses are apparently going to change all of that.
We could try and explain it, but it’s easier to just watch the video. Feel free to skip to the end to see refocusing magic in action.
via Engadget.

Patte Loper

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The work of Illustrator
Patte Loper often dances at the intersection of wilderness and humanity. Exploring the relationship between architecture and most literally its environment Loper’s delicate graphite renderings reveal a futuristic geometry beneath barren landscapes and infuse unsuspecting fauna with ornamental fashion. Deer rest among a mid century sofa set while antelope stand locked in a sculptural tangle yet none of these elements feel out of place.

Tatiana Plakhova

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Botanics, physics, and most recently references to music and frequency drive the work of Russian designer Tatiana Plakhova. Beautifully complex patterns and organic eleents are accented by vibrant bio luminescence in pieces described by Plakhova as “Complexity Graphics.” The video above contains her recently released collection, “Music Portraits.”

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The Last Polar Bear

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Carlsbad CA based artist Bryan Snyder brings political commentary and environmental activism to the forefront with The Last Polar Bear. This public art piece “interacts with its environment amidst the development of a previously open lot of land.”

Snyder describes the project’s goal “To showcase the relationship between a piece of art and its location when placed in the streets while highlighting the effects of global warming, deforestation and other current environmental concerns.

Via Wooster Collective

Nova Artscapes @ Scion Space

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Check out this video for a taste of what we might expect to see this weekend when Rojo, a Barcelona based Gallery and Magazine brings an arsenal of talent to Los Angeles for Nova Artscapes at the Scion Installation Gallery. Neu Black faves Gustavo Gagliardo aka DEFI, Yago Hortal, and Anna Taratiel aka OVNI will be on display beginning this Saturday September 18th through October 29th. A truly global experience with artists from Argentina, Spain, USA, Japan, and the Netherlands this highly anticipated exhibition is a must see. This is one we’ll be sure not to miss.

Scion Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Ave (at National)
Culver City, CA. 90232
Gallery Phone: 310.815.8840

Shagreen Trays

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A classic assortment of simple yet elegant trays. Available for $95 – $395 here.

Christina Song

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Illustrator Christina Song evokes whimsical imagery with an arts and craft style approach to her work, The playful elegance and beautifully detailed scenes allude to a rich back story behind each of per pieces. Song is the latest addition to a new wave of brilliant and imaginative illustrators gearing their work toward a youthful audience. One can only hope that some of their youthful spirit will grow with our kids and maybe rub off on us.