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The Dead Weather- Treat Me Like Your Mother

08.4.09   |   Posted in: Music   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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We’re almost shocked at how little buzz we’ve been hearing about the new Jack White/Alison Mosshart colab The Dead Weather. Watching this video reminded us of The Clash’s “Rock The Casbah” video, harkening back to an era where larger than life personas oozed rockstar cool to a banging soundtrack. In a day and age where there’s not much music left that sounds like you could pick up some guitars and tear the roof off with a good cover, The Dead Weather delivers in spades. We don’t expect this to inspire young musicians to drop Protools and go back to garage rock, but thank god someone is still doing this. Jack White, if you’re listening, please produce an Iggy Pop record next.

3 Responses to “The Dead Weather- Treat Me Like Your Mother”

  1. Alex Jones Says:

    While the band is great (I like some of the other tracks better), videos like this don’t exactly help the band gain mainstream distribution (people shooting assault rifles at each other in suburbia).

  2. Gina Schmid Says:

    Yeah, sure, ‘acceptance’ is one thing (I’m sure Jack White isn’t craving for this. I think the point is that it’s good art!

  3. Kellis Says:

    The system of “mainstream distribution” works much better if you’re a musical product (Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Bros) rather than an actually musician. If Jack White got dropped by his label tomorrow he could probably go the Radiohead/NIN route and make even more money. In fact it’s probably only a matter of time before than happens.

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