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Sorum Noce

04.11.08   |   Posted in: Fashion, Music   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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While everyone wants to be a rock star, very few can pull off leather pants, or the “Steven Tyler Look” (an assortment of interlocking scarves). For a classier breed of rocker-wear, try Sorum Noce.

Housed in a chandeliered gents’ boudoir, SN comes from the seemingly random pairing of fashionisto Max Noce (Valentino, D&G) and Zildjianisto Matt Sorum (G N’ R, The Cult, and the recently Weiland-bereft Velvet Revolver). The gear’s all custom-fitted, and rests on Noce’s timeless inspiration — “elegant, English tailored, black, and small” — but draws rock from the likes of Thin-White-Duke-era Bowie and Depeche Mode, who wore black, and were small. Pieces range from silk-lined vests and suit jackets with working-button sleeves, to polka-dotted button ups, to leather jackets conforming to a Slash-requested design: Italian zippers on the sides, and an extra-wide pocket for his lighter and Gitanes.

On April 22, SN’s hosting a Brent Bolthouse-organized opening party, and through the summer will be projecting flicks on the wall of a small adjacent courtyard — so if you’re caught wearing scarves, you can just say you’re emulating Jean-Paul Belmondo.

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