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Shazam: Music Enthusiasts Rejoice

07.21.08   |   Posted in: Music, Tech   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Shazam: Music Enthusiasts Rejoice
Your iPhone may be the worlds most effective all in one tool. Now thanks to the folks over at Shazam you’ll never again wonder, who did that song? As long as Shazam’s free iPhone application can record a sample of the song via radio or television (no singing), it can detect the song title and artists name. We did a little testing on our own and the app works great. We did test a few super obscure songs it couldn’t recognize,  so nobody’s perfect.
Shazam: Music Enthusiasts Rejoice

3 Responses to “Shazam: Music Enthusiasts Rejoice”

  1. Greg Huntoon Says:

    Who says you even need to have the song? You can just hum the shit and this one’ll tell you what’s what:

    Absolutely insane.

  2. Alex Jones Says:

    Midomi looks cool but I think you’re overestimating my ability to hum.

  3. Greg Huntoon Says:

    Actually Alex, your ability need not be that developed or outstanding. You can also sing the tune. I’m tellin’ ya, if you can produce enough of the lyrics or melody, it’ll return your song. It is impressive.

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