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Radiohead Does Exclusive for

04.8.08   |   Posted in: Music   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Radiohead on
Considering their reputation with publicity and interviews, I wonder how many Pitchfork executives it took to convince Radiohead to do an exclusive performance for the newly launched station. Needless to say I was pleased to see the video up. Radiohead is as sharp as ever and look to be happily promoting their new album. Click here to view the full video on

Radiohead does exclusive for

While the album was eventually released under Warner Chappell Music Publishing, Radiohead made music history releasing a “pick your price” internet only download, as well as a disc box of the album months prior to the official release. Many had hoped that the band would have made public the results of the groundbreaking experiment, unfortunately they have yet to do so.

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3 Responses to “Radiohead Does Exclusive for”

  1. Alex Jones Says:

    I still don’t get how pitchfork scored an exclusive performance.

  2. rocknonstop Says:

    It’s cause MTV was too busy showing pimp my crib road rules challenge 8.

  3. Alex Jones Says:

    Toshi and I just got radiohead tickets for their upcoming show in LA… so stoked.

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