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Midi Pad

03.25.10   |   Posted in: Music, Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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While it looks like publishers are treating the iPad as the whole grail that will save their skin, we’ve been a bit skeptical about why we’d want another device to lug around. Now that we’re seeing some apps surface we’re getting a much more clear picture of how buying an iPad might be worth while.
The first iPad app we’ve seen that looks like a legit reason to buy is Midipad. For any musician who is used to working with Logic Studio, Reason, or Live, Midipad works as an all-in-one virtual controller. This means a lot less equipment to lug around and no problems with plugging in because the iPad can connect wirelessly to your laptop. While we haven’t got a chance to test this yet (for obvious reasons), it’s certainly within reason to speculate this could be used to control sequencing, create 808 style drum tracks, do live DJ mixes, act as digital sound board, or virtually anything controlled through MIDI.
There’s also something vaguely “Star Trek: The Next Generation” about this interface we rather enjoy. If you can find a way to flip the background color to black we’re pretty sure there’s a hidden function to fire photon torpedoes.

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  1. muzyka Says:

    What is the best Midi keyboard and music production software out there?

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