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Julian Casablancas- 11th Dimension

01.26.10   |   Posted in: Music   |   By: Alma Jones
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Julian Casablancas, the thirty-one year old vocalist of The Strokes, has always fancied analog music, whether or not he realizes it. His debut album, Phrazes for the Young, is a testament to this theory.
Just recently released, the 11th Dimension music video features his usual poker-faced humor, but also reverberates with his signature punk rock-inspired raccoon eyes and strong-shouldered sleeveless vests. Although almost a parody of past cultural milestones, his video was highly thematic, making it more of a visual experiment than a concrete factual story.
Music-wise, Casablancas’ taste is reminiscent of new wave music. The video itself gives off a heavy Rick-Springfield-post-Jessie’s-Girl eighties vibe (see Bop Till You Drop and Human Touch) with animated neon lines and smoky, under saturated pictures. The flashback quality of the video seals Casablancas’ genre all the more like a post Generation-X Billy Idol.
11th Dimension is a cross between electronica and rock, with Casablancas verifying the merge through his new music video’s obvious inspirations. Although clearly electro-punk, 11th Dimension focused on vintage sounds, such as the dominant synth keyboard riffs throughout the track that make the eighties sound better than it really was.
For a taste of Julian Casablancas’ debut album, Phrazes for the Young, visit his official website:

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