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iphone_2.jpgiphone_4.jpg Steve Jobs finally gave a sneak peak at the iPhone at Mac World Expo today. History seems to be repeating itself as Apple reinvents the hand held wireless device in much the same way it did personal computing by leveraging it’s Graphic User Interface. In fact the name iPhone is almost misleading because the phone is the least exciting thing about it.

The most dramatic change is that the user interface on the iPhone is touch screen operated, allowing Apple to design custom interfaces that can change fluidly with each application. You can synch iTunes of course, as well as Apple Mail, iCal, iPhoto, The iPhone also includes all the features standard in the latest iPods (music and video downloads, games) but has a bigger screen. It also has a 2 megapixel camera. If you’re one of those people that has a cell phone, and iPod, and a PDA, the iPhone combines the functionality of all of these into a package which is supposedly slightly larger yet slimmer than a video iPod.

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait. The iPhone is not scheduled to be released until June and it’s only going to work with Cingular. For more detailed info about the release check out our friends at Engadget.

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    [...] We found out about this while doing a little research on Apple’s iPhone as they have already filed a few patents on this technology. If this ends up being co-opted in to Apple’s product design arsenal the way graphic user interface technology was in the early 80’s we will not be the least bit surprised. [...]

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