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The Zero-Emission Home

06.14.07   |   Posted in: Modern Home, Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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1) Wind catcher (provides cooling ventilation)
2) Solar array (heats water and provides electricity)
3) Improved insulation
4) Biomass boiler

OFFSITE2007 is running through the June 14th in the UK. The conference explores modern construction and is a showcase of sustainable, smart buildings. A standout was a zero emission home built by Kingspan Off-Site. Solar power heats water and provides electricity. The insulation looses 60% less heat than the average home. During the few weeks per year that heating is necessary, a biomass boiler running on organic fuels provides the extra energy. Interestingly, the carbon dioxide produced during burning is offset by the amount absorbed growing the fuel.

Right now the building cost is 40% more than the standard home, but this figure could drop significantly as more homes are built this way. The biggest cost is generating electricity. A development could have additional methods of generating electricity which would further bring down the price. – Via BBC UK

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