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Signalement Desk by Peter Petersen

10.24.08   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Finally, a desk which who’s elegance makes the iMac feel right at home. It doesn’t get much more minimal modern than this. This would look great in a reception area or gallery. Height-adjustable. The desk is made of MDF. Standard finish: white high lustre varnish. All desks are individually numbered.


13 Responses to “Signalement Desk by Peter Petersen”

  1. Javier Says:

    The cost for this desk

  2. Alex Jones Says:

    You can get price info by emailing them (in Denmark) at

  3. ????-??? Says:

    ???????? ???????? ???????? ??????? ????? ? ????? ?? ????????????? (?.???????). “????-??K” ???????? ? ??????? ?????????: ???????????? ????????.

  4. ??O"??? ??" Says:

    S?LVIS. ???????? ?????????????????????? ??????? ????????? – ????????. ???????????????(??? + ????????? ??????????) ??????? ????????? ???????? ????? S?lvis. ??????????? ???? ?? ????? – 10 ???.

  5. yvonne Says:

    california shipping time and price and all the stats please, height, length and width. need asap

  6. ??? "???-????" Says:

    ???????????? – ????????????, ???????????? ???????? ?????: HOLA, BILSTEIN, KAYABA, BOGE, KONI, TOKICO, MONROE. ??????? ???????????, ??????????????? ????????????.

  7. Freshtah Says:

    Whats the price of the tank desk?

  8. BrownE Says:

    Whats the price and shipping cost on this Desk? (NH)

  9. Sharon Says:

    What is the price and dimension of the signalment desk? why is there no mention of price on the websites?

  10. amit shah Says:


    How much is the Signalement desk, the shipping costs and dimension.

  11. Dissatisfied Customer Says:

    Do not buy the Signalement Desk- When I purchased it, the company took many months to deliver the desk and then delivered an extremely defective desk that was smaller than desk I paid for- it has big cracks in the wood all over, with chunks of wood missing, and drawers that won’t close or open. I contacted company at least 20 times and it won’t refund the money- Do not buy signalement desk.

  12. Photographer Palm Beach Says:

    Wow it’s such a classy looking desk very modern

  13. Photo Booth Florida Says:

    This desk would go great with a black or gray floor.

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