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Regeneration Eagle Rock Closed

06.4.09   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Yet another of our favorite Eagle Rock institutions closed it’s doors Sunday. Regeneration opened in 2006, providing many of the sustainable products one might travel to locate. Owner Kelly Witmer forged contacts with vendors from all over the world bringing a cultural context to environmentally responsible living.

Eagle Rock, an almost suburban small town located at the north most tip of LA proper, was the anticipated site for an urban revitalization. Slowly a handful of niche boutiques made their way into the area drawing visitors from all over the the city. Almost as slowly as they settled in, one by one many have closed their doors. Obvious changes in the spending habits of Angelinos have taken a toll on this small town, leaving it more vacant than it’s been in decades. Empty store fronts, half finished condo developments, and boarded up foreclosures are sprinkled throughout one of the most desirable areas in town.
Blue Heeler was among the first to close.
Far too many Los Angeles boutiques have loaded up with overpriced unreasonable items which, in today’s economy, are no longer affordable let alone practical. Support of local business needs to be match by appropriate pricing on the the business end. Regeneration was the exception to this rule, they maintained very competitive pricing for almost all it’s items, and despite all of their efforts failed to survive. Regeneration and a few other Eagle Rock businesses were recently feature in this NY Times article focusing on economic slowdown and business closures in Eagle Rock.

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