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Radiator Mug by Stephen Reed

02.6.08   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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Radiator Mug by Stephen Reed 1

We love anything that takes an everyday idea and re-thinks it in a better way. The new radiator mug is an ingenious design that forgoes the need for a handle by utilizing heat dispersing fins. The fins not only look cool, but keep your hand far enough from the cups surface to keep from being burned and close enough to the body to keep your digits nice and toasty.

Available for $25 from our friends at Charles and Marie who are cool enough to work out a deal to print designer Stephen Reed’s name on the bottom.

Radiator Mug by Stephen Reed 2

One Response to “Radiator Mug by Stephen Reed”

  1. THermo101 Says:

    …..ingenious ?
    Looks like 10x the surface area and one tenth the insulation. I bet it keeps your coffee hot like a dixie cup.

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