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Loving Nendo

11.5.09   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: Toshi Jones
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These beautiful little globes are the latest creation of the Japanese boutique firm Nendo. Blown-fabric, created for Tokyo Fiber ’09 Senseware, is made from ‘Smash’ fabric. This rip proof polyester thermoplastic lights beautifully and stretches to hold air much like a soft billowy balloon. A throwback to traditional Japanese chochin paper lanterns, Blown-fabric lanterns are constructed much like blown glass giving each object a hand crafted uniqueness.


Since 2002 Nendo has produced innovative Japanese design in a range of categories. With each passing year their annual body of work grows while their number of staff remains extremely slim. In 2009 they tout a robust staff of 6. An exhibition of new Nendo work will be on display at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design until January 10, 2010.

Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019
P: 212.299.7777


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