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John Derian for Target

08.29.08   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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John Derian creates paperweights, vases and dishes using decoupage, a technique of layering his imagery under glass. Whereas his pieces have traditionally cost quite a bit more, a line of his work will be released at Target September 7th. While not a substitute for the richness and materials of his originals, the reasonably priced line has us excited.
-Via New York Times and The Moment

15 Responses to “John Derian for Target”

  1. MarthaG Says:

    I think it’s awful for people who collected John Derian’s “prized” things. Now “fabulously” available at Target, give me a break. I’m sure the trendsetters at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks, where I bought his things are freaking (keep in mind I bought them on clearance). He’s a sell out, has been. Let’s say John Derian style, “Tar-jay.”

  2. ChrissyS16 Says:

    It doesn’t bother me if he’s a “has-been” or an “is-now”, I just buy the things I like. I’ll save my “fun fund” for another pair of Louboutins, thank you. Priorities, you know.

  3. Al Says:

    One could wax poetically about how an artist or designer should take the intellectual highroad rather than “selling-out.” It’s really a waste of energy and shortsighted in the day of mass retailer knock-offs and the imitations by independent retailers without originality. I’ve seen knock-offs of his work, they aren’t pretty.

    What John Derian is doing is just smart. Rather than letting someone copy his esthetic he’s reaching the masses and controlling the quality. That’s better than rolling-over and being taken advantage of in my book.

    A mass-produced plate will still not match the specialness of his handmade decoupage plates and I believe other fans will feel the same. The Target line will be fun for a picnic or a patio party, places I wouldn’t want to bring a special plate anyway.

    Kudos to John Derian.

  4. Alex Says:

    I am disappointed that John Derian decided to partner with a mass-market discounter. He cannot control quality when everything is made in China, and so inexpensive. He’s just making room for people to start their own decoupage. (Does Al work for Target?)

  5. Beth Says:

    OH GROW UP MarthaG. You big baby. So now your John D items are worthless???Give me a break. I think they are perfect to use outside or take to a party.

  6. Lauren Says:

    To Martha G,

    Please keep your whining and self-pity to yourself. You obviously have no appreciation for art. I buy John Derian’s pieces because they are beautiful, not just because they come from a high end store, or because it is the latest “in” item. You probably enjoyed walking down the street with a Bergdorf or Saks bag more than you enjoy looking at your piece of art. Bravo to you for finding an item on clearance so that you could afford to imitate a “trendsetter”.

    I’m personally pleased that people all over America now have a chance to celebrate John’s art. Anyone who thinks that making art more available somehow undermines its value doesn’t have a true appreciation for it.

  7. VICKYC Says:

    I think the important issue here is – where the heck are these items at Target already? I want them and Target is keeping them from me. Can someone tell me how these are advertised all over the place and then just don’t show up on the release date? I hope someone got fired, if not killed.

    Also, don’t worry about it so much. They are just plastic plates – they won’t replace your precious baubles.

  8. SheaWV Says:

    There is so dialogue going here. When I was on Long Island this weekend, I stopped at Target. Even the manager didn’t know who John Derian is, what it is, of when they’ll have it. They thought I might have had them mixed up with Kmart. I don’t get dhow his art is going to translate to people buying Tide and Bounty Towels.

    But, when I was in Brooklyn I was some things that were so beautiful, sometimes though he’s so dark and creepy? I don’t get the dead animals.

  9. Toshi Jones Says:

    It seems that the John Derian pieces are going to be unveiled at the “Bullseye Bodegas” in NY beginning Friday September 11th. Target has said that the items will be available on the website after that. There is no telling how long it will take them to get to Target stores or if they will even make it out to all of the locations.

  10. Beth Says:

    We just went to the Bodega on 57th St. There were some really cute John Derian items for the office (I found a cute paperweight, some file folders and a nice print). It’s nothing like his original art, but we all knew that. I think if you love his style, you’ll find something you like. :)

  11. Toshi Jones Says:

    The pieces are finally available on

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