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Chemical free swimming pools look like a beautiful pond

08.13.09   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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This seems like a really interesting idea for those who prefer a bit more nature in their back yard. Following many of the eco-friendly trends in landscape design, this new style of chemical free pool is starting to catch on. While we certainly don’t mind the lack of irritated eyes, green hair, dry skin, and weird chemical smell inherent in chlorine pools, we are sold by the look of a pool lined with cobble stones and a cool inviting jade color. The big question now is, where’s the jacuzzi version of this?

We were a little skeptical of how this works, but we found a nice diagram you can see after the jump.




10 Responses to “Chemical free swimming pools look like a beautiful pond”

  1. Alex Jones Says:

    Very cool I wonder how much upkeep it requires after it’s set up.

  2. Trina Calderon Says:

    Awesome. What a good alternative.

  3. Jeff Sloan Says:

    Hi Kellis—

    Although I won’t argue against your choice to swim in natural pools, I’d like to clarify a few points you’ve brought up about chlorine. The effects you’ve attributed to chlorine (irritation and smell) are often not directly due to chlorine. (Keep in mind that chlorine is vital for keeping germs out of pools and making swimmers safe.) Swimmers bring body oils and other contaminants into pools that react with chlorine to produce chloramine. Chloramine causes the “chemical smell” and eye irritation, and by showering before entering the pool, swimmers can prevent chloramine from forming in the first place. In addition, green hair is frequently caused by copper (not chlorine) which is used to reduce algae.

    More information on pool hygiene and safety can be found at, which provides information from the American Chemistry Council (of which I am a part), the Water Quality & Health Council, and CDC. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

    Jeff Sloan
    American Chemistry Council

  4. val Says:

    i would love a “natural” pool like that to swim in any day. chlorine is annoying.

  5. Leandro Ferreira Says:

    It’s like a giant aquarium…


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  8. Lucy Says:

    Visit – where these photos have come from.

    You will also learn our scientifically proved biofilter cleans the water and doesn’t soley rely on the use of plants or ultra violet filters as will be the case with many swimming ponds.

  9. richard Says:

    These type of swimming pools are really great.. it is wonderful, the post has given me a lot of information.

  10. Jason Charles Says:

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