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Featured Project- Friendly Fire


As a compliment to Sean Lennon’s second album, Friendly Fire, he and writer/director Michele Civetta have created a short musical film containing all ten tracks from the album. Each song can be broken out into a stand alone music video while together these vignettes tell a much larger story. Lennon has said the inspiration for the album was largely autobiographical, detailing an unresolved conflict with long-time friend Max LeRoy, to whom he dedicated the album. LeRoy passed away in an accident, leaving him and Lennon with no resolution.


Civetta sets the story in a wide range of time periods, surreal environments, and elaborate costumes. Placing Lennon as a ring master, military, a roller skate champion, a lover, and as characters representing both himself and Max Leroy. Civetta’s story fills in the blanks and gives a back story to the album. His ability to capture the emotion of each song in a brief, eclectic tale, is clear evidence of his staying power. The mystical settings give a feeling of wonderment while the underlying plot entices the viewer into the next segment of the piece. The film is fast paced but does not overlook the details. In fact it’s the details and occasional inside joke that make us feel more connected to Lennon.

Civetta’s cinematic ability is definitely a strength throughout the piece. At the same time he has done well integrating motion graphics into the “Headlights” and “Spectacle” segments. Visual effects supervisor Zee Nederlander really captured the feel of the era in “Parachute” emulating the look of the praxinoscope digitally.


Interestingly, Sean contributed some of the drawings for the hand-animated video “Would I Be the One”. The film features cameos from Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Philips, Carrie Fisher, and Civetta himself. Also cast were the models of as the mermaids in the “Wait for Me” segment.

You can buy Friendly Fire which comes with a DVD of the film here.

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