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Using my Manimal Instinct

09.9.08   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Manimal Shoes and Accessories
Manimal had been blazing the trail on the Native American fashion tip long before the likes of some unnamed super celebs. This earthy inspired line is a contemporary take on age-old inspiration. Founder Kristen Lombardi makes every effort at minimizing waste by making accessories from the remaining fabric from cuts. By making the soles of shes from recycled tires and creating a line of suede alternative pieces makes, Lombardi stays true to her conscientious approach to fashion.

Manimal Shoes and Accessories
Manimal Shoes and Accessories

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  1. Alex Jones Says:

    We’ve had conversations about how a move to traditional native american and the primitive seems appropriate. At a time of economic uncertainty, as we are experiencing in the US, we gravitate to the primal and a feeling of primal preparedness. Even in the luxury market, it should be expected that there will be an increased emphasis on materials and making purchases which will last (quality, timelessness).

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