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Makr is a small label designed, founded and run by designer Jason Gregory. This self taught leatherworker from Florida started making his first leather goods out of a beautiful antique leather camera bag that was passed down to him from his grandfather. At that time, he had been working for a local architecture firm that owned an industrial laser that was used to cut materials for building models. Wanting to make something that he could carry around and use all the time, Gregory experimented with the laser and leather. After much trial and error, he perfected his technique for creating beautiful, handmade wallets.

Still going strong four years after his initial launch, Gregory just launched 12 new sets of his leather goods. All products blend the tradition of handcraft with the contemporary. The leather is laser etched, hand sewn an all materials are carefully selected and every item is designed, patterned and cut in house. Pieces are produced in small quantities by an even smaller group of people, and all assembly is done by family-owned companies within the U.S.

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  1. Johnny Says:

    wow, these are really cool! I think they would serve as a really nice jean pocket!

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