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LA Fashion Week 2010 at BOXeight cont’d

03.24.10   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Toshi Jones
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LA Fashion Week Spring-Summer at Box Eight
Night Two

There are probably a thousand ways to showcase a fashion line. Historically designers have gone to great lengths to create an environment for potential buyers which exudes a lifestyle representative of LA’s unique approach to fashion. Often times there is a vast disconnect between the projected persona of a designer line and the Angelino lifestyle. Our everyday style lacks the formality one would expect from any major US metro. Our relaxed approach to fashion often results in a sprinkling of luxury goods and vintage or the avantgarde. It is not surprise that many organizations have tried and failed to produce a fashion week event worthy of LA discerning public.

To target this audience, BOXeight has completely altered format for fashion week pairing high production value exhibitions with the ambiance of the premeir LA night scene. The voyeuristic nature of the BOXeight show heightens intrigue and draws the viewer in. One feels more intimately connected to each designer. Watching photographers coach their subjects while the designer interjects for an impressive and instantly gratifying end result. Here are some of our favorites from nights two and three.

LA Fashion Week Spring-Summer at Box Eight
Michael Costello
Watching photographer Ben Cope work was almost mesmerizing. The fluid movements and piercing eyes of his first model generated frenzy around Ben, who was fabulous about how little space he actually had to work. His single light set up made for a dramatic stage on which designer Michael Costello’s pieces danced. These personally hand constructed pieces featured intricate looped lace necklines and elegant swags that tightly hugged curves. Costello is no stranger to the industry, at 27 he’s now been working in fashion for an unprecedented 13 years, having released his premier collection at 14. His FW 2010 collection is the embodiment of grace and elegance.
LA Fashion Week Spring-Summer at Box Eight
The FW 2010 collection from Lekuin is an homage to femininity. Each piece delicately drapes and precariously hangs from the human form. The use finely lanced and distressed fabrics gives the wearer a latitude for customization. Designer Leticia Garcia told us of her inspirations, “I really felt the duality of masculine and feminine with this season’s collection, the yin and yang. I was also inspired by the animal form, we used textures and patterns from reptiles for example.” As compared to her previous line she noted, “the continuity of color and hue is a consistent. Grey and neutral tones have always resonated with me.” Lekuin has paired delicate construction with fine art with intricate one of a kind pieces.

Night Three

LA Fashion Week Spring-Summer at Box Eight
Los Angeles based denim outfitter Post’age made a lasting impression with a vivid lighting set up that set the backdrop for the most basic essential, jeans. It’s incredible how seductive a pair of jeans can be. The super slim cuts never seemed to inhibit models from displaying a little dexterity. With not much by way of tops there was little to distract from the superior shape of the FW 2010 Post’age line.
LA Fashion Week Spring-Summer at Box Eight
Future Heretics
While we only saw a few select looks from Future Heretics, this season is by far my favorite from the brand. Photographed by BOXeight founder Peter Gurnz and the most centrally located event of the evening, FH was a huge draw. They’ve evolved adding a welcome air of sophistication. But be assured they haven’t sold out yet. The line includes form fitting leather, tattered jersey, and skin tight denim. While it might be perceived as a nod to convention, this new line just feels more feasible, especially in Los Angeles. There’s nothing wrong with a little commercial appeal.

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