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GenArt at Fashion Week Los Angeles 2009

03.17.09   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Did we say LA had a fashion week? Yes we did, it was rescued from obscurity by Peter Gurnz and his team at BOXeight. Taking on the gargantuan task of producing three event filled days of fashion done LA style, BOXeight has reinvented this industry tradition. The weekend kicked off with GenArt’s presentation of three emerging designers. The night produced an vastly muted color palate with lines from Grai, Society for Rational Dress, and Raquel Allergra.

Entitled Seraphim, the GRAI Fall/Winter 09 line was overwhelmingly dark, sleek and glossy with post apocalyptic flair. Elevated turbans added an almost Moroccan twist to the worn industrial leather jackets and metallic knee length coats. Overall the imperial feel was an interesting juxtaposition to the texture and fabric choice of designer Maya Yogev.

Society for Rational Dress

The Society for Rational Dress showcased a seemingly roman inspired line. Designer Corinne Grassini delighted with standout cream knit cowl neck hoods, mid length cream knit dresses, and buckled cardigans. The sole critique would have to be we’d like less Helen of Troy more Joan of Ark. This is where SfRD would shine with their signature leather and metal work. As their first retail venture prepares to hit the shelves any day, we’ll be keeping an eye out.

In this her second season, Raquel Allegra has continued the use of worn government issue tees from the LA County Jail. Washed, hand dyed, and sometimes shredded these vintage fabrics anchor each look against wild deer skin and gauze. With rustic gaucho brims and swagged gauze necklines Rachel Allegra set the tone this fashion season. We might all be in for an economic safari, but at least we’ll be dressed for the occasion.

Raquel Allegra

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