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Fox Racing Hamilton Fedora

04.22.08   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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hamilton-fedora-hat.jpgDamn this hat is slick. We usually associate Fox Racing with guys who have facial piercings like it’s 1996, need to have their sponsors stop sending them energy drinks, and crank Metallica like they broke up after “And Justice for All”. But in this case they shot the moon and came up with an amazing looking hat that would seem to have nothing to do with dirt bikes. We’re expecting Doc Martens to come back next week with hoodies that rock. Available from Fox Racing for $35.

4 Responses to “Fox Racing Hamilton Fedora”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    this hat is the bom i like it so much i want to have it so bad

  2. Alex Jones Says:

    The price just got dropped to a sale price of $25

  3. snappy Says:

    dam nice hat. for real

  4. Loida Christiansen Says:

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