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EnviroSax: Fashion Forward Environmental Style

12.3.07   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Toshi Jones
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envirosax reusable shopping bags
If you want your green product to appeal to the design savvy, make it fashionable. EnviroSax calls their reusable shopping bags “a move in the right direction.” We agree. Out with the boring, frumpy tote bags being peddled in grocery stores in an attempt to capture our environmentally friendly attention. We favor a bag you would carry as any other, one you can cary with dignity. These are definitely a tasteful and smart solution to the “go green” challenge.

3 Responses to “EnviroSax: Fashion Forward Environmental Style”

  1. Bag Monster Says:

    Reusable bags? What’s wrong with plastic bags and the monsters they create when they accumulate?? Bag Monsters aren’t so bad, you know… I’m a family monster with millions of little Bag Monster spawn to worry about. Some of them live under kitchen sinks, but most of them live in the bay and ocean. Go to my blog, to learn more about how we’re being oppressed world wide. All these bag bans are supposedly because we make an expensive mess, cause “environmental damage,” and because a few of us were eaten by marine animals… Don’t they know better than to eat Bag Monsters?

  2. Alex Jones Says:


  3. Toshi Jones Says:

    While Los Angeles has yet to ban plastic bags, it is promising to know that more and more of us Angelinos are using totes and other reusable shopping bags around town. I must say that it still throws people off when you tell them that you’ve brought your own bag. And some are even slightly offended that you wouldn’t want to trudge around their GIANT logo strewn shopping bag for the two shirts you bought at the mall.

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