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DB Clay: Version 3.1

06.17.08   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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db-clay-wallets-1.jpgOur hearts start to race a little bit every time we find out about some new designs from DB Clay. After much anticipation, DB Clay has released it’s Version 3.1 wallets (check out our previous posts on earlier releases here and here). These eco-friendly designs are PVC Free, water, heat and cold resistant, printed with non toxic inks, free of chlorine chemicals, abrasion resistant, extremely durable and decompose once buried all thanks to a wonderful material called Tope. Purchase a bit of what they call pocket art at DB Clay’s Online Store.

5 Responses to “DB Clay: Version 3.1”

  1. Raychel Says:

    Slightly awesome!

  2. Kellis Says:

    Seriously. I never thought a wallet could be this cool.

  3. Joe Says:

    RAD Wallets! DB Clay is just one example of the numerous awesome companies in pdx – they’ve progressed from duct-tape wallets to these beautiful artist series prints : ) There is another Portland company doing sweet leather series wallets –

  4. Alex Jones Says:

    pretty reasonable price too

  5. Edwin Petito Says:

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