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Converse (RED) by Dr. Romanelli

04.17.08   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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These shoes are certainly just what the doctor ordered, Dr. Romanelli, to be exact. Converse has teamed up with everyone’s favorite charity, (RED) to produce what they are calling 1HUND(RED)- 100 artists to create limited edition Converse sneakers for the cause. The Los Angeles based designer, Dr. Romanelli, will be number 12 on their list and delivers us quite a treat with his breathable, beige, bandages overlapping on every inch of a pair of traditionally shaped Chucks. You can check out the first 4 designs (out of 100) on and register to be notified as more designs are released.

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    these muggs is hellllllaaaa ddooopppeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 666 Says:

    hey man let me know if you are freelancing

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