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BOXeight Fashion Week LA- Day Two

03.18.09   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Designer: Jen Awad      Photos by: Sal Morales

In this Jen Awad’s premier showing, she introduces an eclectic mix of spice and sass. While some of the line recalled the curvaceous cuts and gathers of flamenco couture, other pieces referenced seductive Indian Saris and revealing Polynesian wraps. An LA native, Awad aimed to create a line for Angelinos that played on her passions. “If I had to choose a season it would be Spring/Summer. But really here [in LA] we can wear what ever we want year round,” she told us.

David Alexander brought a little bit of Hollywood glamor to LA Fashion week. At the ripe old age of 23, he’s added bustled boddesses and mink tresses to the classic starlet ensemb’. A sprinkle of couture por homè, Alexander split the difference. Cowl necks and leather vests by day and black tie tuxedos coupled with polished plaid slacks by night. His theme for this season; refinement in all its glitz and glory.
Designer: David Alexander     Photos by: Sal Morales

Designer: Smoke & Mirrors      Photos by: Sal Morales

An edgy spin on indy and punk garb varied by graphic knit tops, muted plaids, and colorful abstract prints. The occasional coat grazed the stage as Smoke and Mirrors displayed a melting pot of late 70′s early 80′s influenced looks subdued in palate and diverse in genre. Founders Michelle Chaplin and Emily Brandle have reinvented their look, taking it in a new and exciting direction.

Designer: Future Heretics      Photos by: Sal Morales

Unabashed and dressed to kill Future Heretics are putting it all out there. With self described influences deeply rooted in 1980′s culture and fashion, the Summer ’09 line is relaxed reviving iconic trends like acid wash, strategically worn denim, skin tight leggings, and leather. They are the naughty little secret of celebrities with their often crass and witty graphic tees. It is no wonder these guys are already in stores all over LA and in select cities world wide.

The COA Fall/Winter ’09 line is warm and inviting. Slim fit denim in pastels and shades of gray braced elaborate knits, leather waist jackets, and subdued pull overs. Skinny ties and tightly tailored inseams added a bit of business to this mostly California casual line. The over sized necklines and cowls spiced up slacks and boots combos, while violet soled shoes accented with a splash of color. Men of Los Angeles rejoice, this line was made for those of us who enjoy mild weather and can sport jeans for all occasions.
Designer: COA      Photos by: Sal Morales

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