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BOXeight Fashion Week-Day Three cont’d

03.20.09   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Designer: Sahaja

Sahaja is durable, comfortable, and sophisticated. Hand tailored Italian wool suits, exotic cashmere, and mohair knits were anchored by detailed coats and deer hide bombers. Sahaja is a much welcomed return to the tradition of well groomed men primped to perfection. Rustic influenced button downs paired with lean wool slacks added an outdoorsy masculinity to the line, while delicate cardigans refined. The highlight of the show was the afro clad gentleman in cream low cropped shorts and cream cardigan, making for the delightful yet unexpected combination of Snoop Dog and Arthur Ash influences.

Li Cari by Jazmin Whitley

Jazmin Whitley’s Fall collection for Li Cari is a mature sophisticated take on the late 1970′s. It was business flashy, high waisted pencil skirts and gold lamè blouses were pillars. All details were covered from the Egyptian stacked tease to clunky mary janes this show brought it all back. A highlight was the array of wool skirts, from pleated a lines to the super fitted.

Designer: Maxine Dillon

In this her fourth season, Maxine Dillon has put forth an intricate set of period pieces inspired by new wave era aristocracy. Knotted, braided, and tied Dillon’s collaboration with accessories designer Angela Barrow was a charming addition to the custom silk prints and knit patterned jersey. Loosely draped silk frocks were a mainstay while vibrant vests and jackets set the palate for fall. The surprising revival of 1980′s couture elements has not fully settled with us yet. But one can’t fight the inevitable.

Designer: Yotam Solomon

That little black dress just got smaller. Designer Yotam Solomon furnished an array of cocktail minis precariously clinging leggy forms. Draped, cuffed, and slashed sleeves accented the addition of tulle necklines and winged sidelines. A few key pieces included inverse pleating giving the simple dresses added flair. Solomon’s line included footwear which was elegant and tasteful, possibly the stronghold of this showing.

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