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South by Southwest

03.10.08   |   Posted in: Events, Music, Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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We’re on the ground at the South by Southwest Interactive conference so our posting may be a bit sporadic over the next few days. It’s been pretty exciting for the most part and we may eventually fall over from sleep deprivation.

Highlights so far include-
1. Getting to hear Michael Lopp describe the design process at Apple, and John Gruber talk about the benefits of designers being assholes.
2. Getting to finally meet Heather Armstrong, who really is as funny in person as she is on her site (and really nice to boot).
3. Getting taken in by the unbelievably cool people at JPG, who deserve several posts on their site and their magazine. If you like digital photography, you MUST check them out.
4. Watching an angry mob take shots at Sarah Lacy while she interviewed keynote speaker Mark Zuckerberg (founder of For the whole story, check out the video on valleywag (skip to the part about 6 minutes in if you just want to catch the trainwreck).

If you’re in Austin for the show we’ll be at the design eye for south by panel at 3:30. Holla!





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