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Ladytron is Playing at my Bowling Alley

05.30.08   |   Posted in: Events   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Ladytron is playing at my bowling alleyYesterday I received an e-mail from a friend on saying that Ladytron would be doing a guest DJ set at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock. Needless to say, I was a total skeptic.

When we arrived at our local bowling alley the parking lot was packed with all kinds of people. My first thought was, “all of these people must have come just in case this is for real.” We made our way through the some two hundred people and were released into the entry way of an almost out of date bowling alley. Crowds gathered outside as the Hit+Run crew silk screened custom Ladytron t-shirts and a slew of people tried their hand at playing Rock Band out the back of a tricked out Toyota Matrix. DJ Datarock opened the show with a great set and was followed by Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt on the tables and backed by his band mate Helen Marnie. These kinds of intimate parties are being thrown by Up the Antics and the marketing arm behind Filter magazine. They’ve had event’s like this all over the country. Info for their next Los Angeles event can be found here.
Hit+Run Crew
Hit+Run Crew
DJ Datarock
Ladytron is playing at my bowling alley

3 Responses to “Ladytron is Playing at my Bowling Alley”

  1. cleantypeface Says:

    This is even cooler than that time Daft Punk was playing at my house.

  2. Cosmic bowling in Toronto Says:

    We also have an all-night bowling alley that has the lights set differntly overnight, too, though it’s more like “Midnight Bowling” and has no blacklights. It also has no beer, being a family-oriented place, despite the fact they’ve always had stoners working for them…

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